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Here’s the story I wrote for the Sunday Times this weekend, by the way.  About “the new orgy.” I know, I know. But basically, it’s about how it doesn’t have to be all “wham bam, thank you ma’am” this summer.

Sunday Times New Orgy story



  1. Buzzy

    Alas I wonder if this article actually helps bring about an awareness – the very first paragraph seems to say that the alternative to “wham bam, thank you ma’am” this summer” is to go to an orgy of bacchanal activities, which probably to most readers could suggests alcohol fueled and “anything goes” being the norm, and seems to miss the point entirely about conscious connection, consent and an option for people to actually go where they feel comfortable without any pressure to go to extremes.

    The “rules” also seem misleading – why is “naked is best”? Rubber, thongs, jock straps, cross dressing, power dressing, drag and just “normal” dressing are all welcome! And why “go on your own”? Yes, it’s fabulous for those that do but also there is no reason for couples not to come and play together and of course polyamory is perfectly okay as well.

    As for beating around the bush, and not asserting your No or camouflaging it, that’s probably not what most would class as “conscious sexuality & connection”!

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