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volvo centrum

I read this Volvo garage sign as something completely different as I rode past it this morning. Maybe it’s due to  last night at “Spank” at the San Francisco Citadel. The famous song goes, “If you’re going to San Francisco/be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” But maybe that should be, “be sure to take your collection of bull whips and canes with you.” We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the dungeon so I’m posting a picture from one of the engravings to accompany the 1797 Dutch edition of  Sade’s La Nouvelle Justine or The Misfortunes of Virtue:

Version 3

The decor wasn’t quite so Palladian from what I remember at Spank . Nor were there many Cambriole legs, but the vibe was similar. Actually, I tell a lie. 18th century pornography is so primitively drawn and ergo way more sexy than anything I saw last night.  Plus, last night there was a 70-year-old lady in a floral blouse and Birkenstocks giving a jolly lecture about whipping techniques which was much too humorous for my taste. That “sex educator” stuff is very San Fran. Just get down to the nitty gritty, man. Having said that, there was way more diversity last night in body shape and colour than this picture shows. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to stay in the 21st century then.


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