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Version 2

What a great crowd the Killing Kittens chicks were last night. So refreshing to talk to women who are not afraid of asking questions about sex. One of the questions did throw me a bit- it was about squirting. It’s not something I’ve thought much about, although I have observed from women I’ve slept with who do it that it’s not so much sexy as annoying- you have to remember to put a towel on the bed. The woman who asked the question said she’d been to a KK talk about the subject and was taught that every woman can do it if they want. Something about relaxing before you come. I enjoyed being able to talk about squirting as if we were talking about lipstick but, like Betty Dodson, sometimes I think it distracts from bigger issues of women knowing that the clitoris is their primary sexual organ. Or of even knowing what their vulva looks like. This was a task I set the room after I’d done my reading from Sex drive and here are some of my favourites. I like the middle one. It’s kind of Picasso-y.


cunt-best cunt-picasso cunt-red

There was a lot of interest in checking out how everyone else had imagined the female genitalia to look like (“imagined” because they’d not studied their own genitals for so long – if ever):


Here are some of the chicks. They confessed they’d done terrible drawings and were going to go home directly and look at their  own pussies in a mirror:



  1. Meg

    I love you, Stephanie!!! Jenn and I are observing the Harvest Moon in Ptown this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! The pictures are inspirational!

    1. realandfiction

      Hey, so great to hear from you both! Thanks for the encouragement. Love your FB pic with the moon- weird man, you two are getting prettier and prettier! XXX

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