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Here I am with 50 Cent, circa 2006 at a Giorgio Armani party in London when I was the party editor for Harper’s Bazaar UK.


Those were the good old days of HB, before it got turned into the in-house magazine for Camilla Parker Bowles. Back in the day, I’d sit in the office with editor, Lucy Yeomans, and she’d go, “How’s your love life?” and when I’d finished telling her, she’d go, “Got any story ideas?” That’s the way to run a magazine and that’s why it was such a groovy product from about 2004 until around 4 years ago when she left. I wanted to write about “high society” in a smart way, like Dorothy Parker and Truman Capote did. I used to have a “party question” when I went out. This one was, “Name these things in order of importance: food, sex, love and money.”

As you can see, Fiddy put “money” at the top of his list.

50 me copy

I originally got this idea for a question from the great black Oscar Wilde of Conde Nast, André Leon Talley. He was very nice to me when I was a cub reporter in Paris writing about fashion in the early ’90s. His original line was, “The most important things in life are food and sex. After that comes love and money.”



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