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Summer Breasts Question

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Being on a beach in the Mediterranean, ones thoughts naturally turn to breasts. It has always really bugged me that men can take their tops off because nobody has eroticised their breasts but we get hassle for it. Apart from this statue here in Sitges, done in the big thighs/small tits Catalan style, I’m rather fond of her.

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Everyone knows that America is hysterical about publically-bared nipples and breasts (which is why I find it such a sexy country – I love a bit of repression). But increasingly disturbing is the fact that France – the birth place of the “monokini” beach look, is becoming increasingly conservative about “European-style bathing” as they call it in the States. At the Cannes Film festival this week, for instance, you won’t notice many topless chicks on the beach. The young girls have become complexée because of all those images they look at every day of what women are supposed to look like. Sometimes, on the Marché Forville side of Cannes, where the workers live, you will find older women with bare breasts on the beach. They remember the glorious Brigitte Bardot years. And in Spain, they are much more forward thinking. In Cataluña at least. Here in Sitges, outside Barcelona, on San Sebastian beach (where you’ll find the above chunky naked chick looking out to sea) you will see topless women of all ages. I think this is because feminism and liberation came later to Spain. Their fascist dictator finally died in 1975 and so they got feminism late. Here in Cataluña, taking your top off as a woman is seen as politically important. You see young and old doing it. However, on the more conservative (read, the rich side of town) beach of Algadolc at the weekend, I did notice that I was the only one who took their top off. But when you do, you soon notice the knock-on effect. One top comes off and lots more follow. This is what they call “sisterhood,” and it’s a good feeling.

Yesterday I went to the nudist beach, Playa del Muerto to see what the 2016 stripping-off scene has become. After I’d been there for about an hour I decided to go the whole desnuda way. I was with a friend, I didn’t have my period, the other people seemed cool, my tan’s coming back so I’m starting to like my body better. There are a lot of factors in play when you’re on a nudist beach.

There were some good sights:


And I spotted one interesting-looking guy with a great cycling body wearing a bikini bottom and top. I thought, “I wonder if that is what you’d call a “trans” or is this just an old-school transvestite?” I swam past him/her in the sea and s/he smiled. S/he was wearing blue and green eye shadow. He looked like a nice guy who likes to wear make-up. As I was packing up to go, he came over to me and asked if I could take some photos, and soon he was posing all over the rocks in a would-be sexy manner. He kept saying, “tell me what to do.” I wondered if he was getting some new Grindr pics together.

It turned out that he was from Brazil and he confided that he was experimenting with his body. Indeed, the beach is a good place to start thinking about your body. I guess the Brazilian meant he was wondering whether to “become female.” It would be a different type of female to the version I am as for him, wearing a bikini top was utterly transgressive and daring whereas I can’t wait to get mine off. I’m keen to interview a trans woman who is now in possession of a vulva. I wonder if they have the same hang-ups about it as biological women do. I doubt it. It all made me think of the current controversy around the Orange Is The New Black transwoman, Laverne Cox who has been chosen to play Frank-N-Furter in the Fox TV re-make of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. For me, the sexy point of Frank-N-Furter was that he was in lingerie and make-up but in possession of a dick. He was a “Sweet transvestite from Transylvania,” no? Cox has had surgery to have a woman’s body so a woman playing a male transvestite might be confusing to people who are already confused about the whole transgender thing. Maybe Frank-N-Furter will now be a “Sweet Trans Woman from Transylvania,” I guess it scans the same.

But we are straying from the subject of breasts.

Here my Brazilian friend is, all dressed up and ready to cycle home in man drag again.


I wished him luck on his experimentation quest. We both agreed that it’s not easy to pull off being a woman.

Here’s me, by the way, on a beach with my nearly-50-year-old breasts.

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I’ll be giving a Tit Printing workshop later in the summer inspired by Annie Sprinkle. I think it’s important for people to see what bodies out of magazines look like. I’ll be doing the workshop with my talented poet friend poet Lisa Luxx who just did the words for a movie with Sean Penn. Listen to her apocalyptic Donald Trump poem, if you haven’t already:

I’m actually on the lookout for a women with really big tits to come on board too, if you know anyone. The prints look amazing if you have a huge cleavage,  like the inimitable Annie Sprinkle does. Check out this February post if you’ve forgotten what a Tit Print is and stay tuned for dates.

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