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Stuffed Toys

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So, I can hardly wait for my most unusual Valentine’s Day date ever, a trip to see Madison Young’s play whose title I keep forgetting and which I think of as “The Fisting Play.” It’s actually called “Reveal All, Fear Nothing” which is a bit like the premise of Sex Drive. Here are a couple of the instructions on the ticket:

-Feel free to reveal all by wearing your fetish favourites.

-In case it wasn’t already obvious, this is an X-rated event. No kids or non-human pets.

No pics of the show yet but it takes place in the notorious San Francisco Armory, a Moorish-style castle that looks like some spiky sex toy on the outside. My favourite part of this 5-storeyed building is the art on the walls. Realistic paintings on the staircase walls made to look like photographs. This is my favourite:

big chick

I visited the dominatrix’s dungeon yesterday for a video shoot. Obviously, lots to report but let’s keep it clean this Saturday in February the day before the fisting show. So check out this stuffed uterus she had lying around. It’s part of a stuffed toy campaign to get people more into forbidden body parts. They also have a rectum, a prostate and a gall bladder. They have an ovary but, ha, no clitoris! The company’s called “I HEART guts.”



Talking of new body parts that I learn about every time I come to San Francisco, it turned out the dominatrix’s flat mate had just had  his ‘uvula’ (remember that that is?) removed and was recuperating by eating ice cream.


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