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Spiritual Cashmere

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I know I keep coming back to Annie Sprinkle, but she IS very interesting…

I forgot to say that at the other night at her “tit print party,” I gave her a present: a  meditation shawl from the brilliant yarnlight collective ( It’s part cashmere, part carbon and it’s infused with healing energy. Plus, it drapes fantastically. It should do- it’s the idea of former Dior head knitwear designer, Adam Jones. He’ll be coming to LA soon.

You put it on when you’re meditating- charging it up for the mood you want to be in. Annie loved it. She said she could feel ‘vibes’ the minute she opened the box. Hers is indigo blue for intuition. Here’s how she chose to wear hers:

annie yarnlite


It’s a funny old place, San Francisco. On one side of town you have Annie Sprinkle and the old bohemian renegade creatives and then on the other side of town in Silicon Valley, you have very rich people spending $$$$$s on videos of black waves so they have something to talk about at dinner parties.

Actually, there were a couple of very nice Silicon Valley types at the party. They’re Annie’s flat mates,  Alex Lorestani  and Nick Ouzounov. They have PhDs in Molecular Biology from Princeton and they’re inventing a recipe for vegan gelatine by “programming microbes” to make it for them. Their company’s called Gelzen. Programming microbes is quite common in the food-making industry, apparently.  It’s how you make beer. There were trays of experimental Gummi Bears all around the apartment.

Here is me wearing the spiritual cashmere shawl in Texas. It’s a bit more of an on-brand pic for Adam who tells me he woke up on the morning of his 50th birthday to see Annie and her  lovely breasts. What a great birthday present!

Version 2

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