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Real Rock chicks

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Fancy a lollipop?

Version 2

Or some ultimate “rock” chicks?

rock chicks

They might  inspire you if you’re having my sort of bank holiday: slumped around your flat stoned, alternating between eating neat condensed milk out of a can and doing your angel cards. Stop what you’re doing immediately and (re)visit Peaches’ Rub video which originally came out this January, for a view of a fantastic sexual nirvana. This is possibly my favourite pop video ever and it could be a promo video for Sex Drive.
Here’s the link to the uncensored version:

I particularly like these bits, grabbed, as you will see, from my TV:



Rub by Peaches was going to be about female ejaculation (to protest those new British porn laws banning squirting). But on the day of the shoot the squirter women couldn’t be found so they went with golden showers instead which seems much more transgressive somehow. When I watch this video in the company of gayboys and demure straight women, this is the bit they all do a sharp intake of breath at.


fat sandwich

Sweaty big chicks. That’s what we like. Cinnamon Maxxine and Courtney Trouble they’re called. My friends, even my lesbian friends, will often ask me in slightly lowered tones, as if they’re saying the phrase, “female ejaculation,” in church, “So…why do you think you like big women?” They’d never say, “So why do you think you go for black chicks,” but voluptuous women seem to bamboozle them. I don’t normally answer the question. I think, “why would you want one ice cream scoop when you could have three? Why would you want a small amount of flesh when you could have a huge amount of flesh?”

One of the other directors of the clip, Lex Vaughn, said of the concept behind the video, “We wanted a lesbian desert sex scene, but without the male gaze.” And she and A.L Steiner, the other director, certainly managed that.

On the second or third viewing, you might notice the “vulva rock” in the opening seconds of the video. According to Director of Photography Moira Morel, the all-women crew found this amazing stone by accident when they were shooting up in Joshua Tree. (I love that Rub is shot a stone’s throw from where I had my ultimate chill-out experience back in February in the high desert. I recognised the light. Being here feels like snorting a line of heroin, only you don’t need the heroin).

But the vulva rock was new to me. I’ll try and find it next time I’m up there. What I did discover though, when I was in the Joshua Tree desert, was that the stones and boulders do seem to be quite female. In the sense that I kept coming across this:

Clit 1

And this:

Clit 2

Like, clits and vulvas growing out the rock, no?

I didn’t get a good shot of the dancer in the spooky mask but I found out that she’s called Narcissister. She does unsettling, funny performance art dancing wearing a spooky mannequin mask. My favourite set she does is called “Hot Dog” where she plays a masturbating hot dog sausage and then proceeds to pull sausages out of her body. Here’s a pic on a variation of that show. She also does things like walk around NYC with her mask and no top to remind people that in that city is it legal to walk around topless as a woman and more women should be doing it.

hot dog woman

As yet, nobody has revealed her identity. She is much more exciting that that other secret artist, Banksy.

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