Pump it, baby!

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So here I am, back on the road in the USA.


This time last year I was here to meet my sex heroes and do the experimentation bits for Sex Drive (read: masturbation workshops, read dungeon visits, read “energy orgasms” on the hillside of San Francisco). Then there was the sitting in a bedroom in Spain for 3-months to write it all up and now it’s back to California to find the person smart enough to buy it. Hustle time!

Meanwhile, before I rode in to San Francisco, A.K.A “the clitoris of America” as per Annie Sprinkle , I had some fun in Arizona. Check out this morning’s waitress in Denny’s in Phoenix.  Is this the look of love, or what?

Version 4


Dirty blondes. My favourite. I had the blueberry waffles with bacon, scrambled eggs and home fries. The Denny’s slogan is: “Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times.”

good foodI will let you know what that weird thing around my neck is at a later date. Clue, it’s not a cock ring.

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