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Pleasure Is Political

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I suppose you’ve heard that there’s a women-only tent at the Glastonbury festival this year. I found out when I was researching my article on “The New Orgy” that comes out in the Sunday Times Style section this weekend.

I thought the women-only space sounded great, until I read the exact wording of the intent behind it. The press release says that this tent is necessary because, “Oppression against women continues in various manifestations around the world today, in different cultural contexts.”

It sounds very 1980s. Very angry. When I spoke to one of the organisers, cabaret performer, Ophelia Bitz, she told me that the workshops would be around FGM and domestic violence, which is obviously great, but where’s the workshop on pleasure? Of course women are oppressed but surely a women-only space doesn’t only have to dwell on downer stuff. I was thinking of this when I came to design the flyer for this Friday’s talk in Edinburgh about Sex Drive. My new hash tag is #Pleasureispolitical because I really believe that it is. Amazingly there are only two entries if you type that into Google: mine and someone else’s.

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The picture is from Madonna’s 1992 Sex book. I’d forgotten about the wanking pic.

I always found this pic to be the sexiest in the book:

madonna lick

Or this one, maybe.

madonna dogs

The gayboy stuff in Sex is way more sexy than the giggly, smiley lezza pics.

Meanwhile, my talk is free, it runs from 6.30 to 8.30 and I’ll be showing a short film I made of some of the 1970s feminists I met along the way. The address is: The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PR. I’ve no idea how it will go down. Aren’t the Scottish supposed to be puritanical? I’ll let you know. Gina, my pilot friend from Arizona is having one of her disco ball cocktail  parties back at her place afterwards. So ask some interesting questions and you may find yourself knowing a lot about take off by the end of the weekend.



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