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More Mystery Body Parts

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Here I am at THAT play last night in San Francisco. Guess which body part I have my head through?

anus mad

Madison Young’s play, Reveal All, Fear Nothing was indeed a very revealing experience but more than that, it was the best piece of theatre I’ve seen in a long time. The after-party at the Armory porn star bar was intense. I picked up a good BDSM Jesus joke that was  doing the rounds (it’s a joke category in this town).

Question: Why did Jesus die on the cross?

Answer: Because he forgot the safe word.

I thought the answer might have something to do with “Second Coming” or something. The guy with lots of padlocks on his jacket who told me the joke said I was over thinking things.

I’ll give you the low-down on the play tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s one of the things in the goody bag. Bubble gum flavoured condoms. More proof that San Francisco is my kind of place.

gum condom

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