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What a great night at the Pikey on Sunset Boulevard to launch Sex Drive in the heartland of my childhood role model: Calamity Jane. As I told the gathered guests from the words of film, sex, media and celebrity yoga (a good LA mix) I grew up being told to eat with my elbows in and not to chew gum and to read my least favourite novelist (sorry ten pound note fans) Jane Austin. But then I came to America and discovered that Calamity Jane still lives and she is increasingly sex positive- and there are loads of her…

I was happy to talk to Buck Angel, the activist and self-described “man with a female past.” Buck was representing the cutting edge of the LA sex world. He invited me round to his house next week to take tea or, more accurately. to sample his new product, the Buckshot which is a “CBD-infused boner drink.”

I kind of got my come-uppance on the chewing gum front as when I came to give out the bronze clitoris prize in the quiz (it was tricky, pretty much everyone in LA seems to know how many nerve endings there are in a clitoris) it was covered in gum that had melted in my pocket. Oh well. Clits up, even if they are a little sticky. With thanks to the my favourite Pleasure Revolutionary on Sunset Boulevard, David from the Pikey but mainly to Lori Dovi the founder of Women Filmmakers Hiring Women Worldwide / IWWFand the hostess with the mostest.

Pikey Buck


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