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Here is what they call in Palm Springs, the “Pink Moment.”

pink moment

It happens at around a quarter to six in the morning just before the sun comes up. And then you’re back to yellow and gradually increasing sun glare until around 5 in the evening when you’re back to mellow orange ready for Free Sangria time. In PS everyone goes to bed at 9 and wakes up at 6. It’s an early town. As I was recovering from the spiritual highs of the Pink Moment I went for a stroll to the outside spa area.  The Monkey Tree Hotel used to be a nudist hotel (a “clothing optional hotel” as they call them here) called the Terracotta.. The new owners, Gary and Kathy from Brooklyn, New York, decided not to make their new hotel into a clothes optional resort and thanks to that decision have been receiving hate mail from previous nudist guests of the Terracotta saying that Gary and Lkathy as bad as Donald Trump voters . Sometimes, liberals can really do your head in. But anyway, here are some happier mammaries, I mean memories, I found on the wall by the spa. A love wall:

love wall

This is my favourite:


Here’s to you, Gloria. Hope you’re still turning heads and sparking tumescence. Contact me if you read this – I can hook you up with Annie Sprinkle. There’s a great career ahead of  you in tit prints…

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