Get Yer Blue Stockings Off

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Thanks to the audience at last night’s Salon Noir in Soho’s L’Escargot run by Stephen Colgrave. Interesting to read in front of men for the first time. My friend Kia in the audience observed that the men around her started by cringing. “Oh no, a woman reading about female masturbation,” sort of thing. But I had their attention by the end. A couple of men came up and complimented me, saying they’d learned something. I should have asked, What?

Mainly it was great to have a load of women coming up afterwards, as they usually do, saying that they loved the honesty of the reading (It was the Betty Dodson Masturbation workshop chapter) and when was Sex Drive out? I had to tell them┬áthat the publishing industry in the UK is terrified of this realistic take on female sexuality. I’m still holding out hope that one of the blue stockings might throw her tights out of the window and put on her G-string instead.


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