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Gay Men Draw Vaginas

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I spent Saturday night in London with VS who was over from LA to visit her French friend Florent who has just moved to Brixton with his New York boyfriend, Alex. Wouldn’t you just know it, we ended up talking about female genitals. One of the boys mentioned the “V” word and you know how the mis-used “vagina” word drives me round the bend. But they were really good sports and agreed to up their knowledge by playing the Gay Men Draw Vaginas game to try and learn a bit more about female sexual anatomy. This is actually the name of a coffee table book out of San Francisco by Shannon O’Malley and Keith Wilson. Check it out at http://www.gaymendrawvaginas.com Oh I know, I know, it should be called “Gay Men Draw Vulvas” but this is a great book. You must play it with your gay men friends whenever they do that curled lower lip look and start talking in a  misogynistic fashion about “girl bits.”

These are the pics Florent and Alex came up with.

florent alex

As you see, Florent, a hot shot at Net A Porter,  drew the bigger clit. He must be a size queen, like Betty Dodson, who loves a big clit. In general, their pics are good, although, ironically they have forgotten to draw in the vagina. Here is one of Betty Dodson’s vulva drawings from her 1974 self-published book, “Liberating Masturbation.”

betty vag

The inner labia are ‘robe-like” as Betty would say, thus obscuring the vagina too. Below is a more abstract drawing which looks a bit like a corn on the cob but at least you get to see the vagina between the frisée lettuce-like inner labia.

Betty corn

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