Dita and me copy

Dress-Up Hell

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This is Deeta Von Teese in her shy and retiring days:

Dita and me copy


It was taken at Maxim’s in Paris during fashion week of 2004 and I’d just started my job as party editor of Harper’s Bazaar. I think I’d been on the chocolate cigarettes again, by the look of me. I always had a party question when I was in party mode and that night it was, “What do you think happens when we die?” (Nowadays, party editors have to ask things like, “Who is the designer of your beautiful dress?” so thank goodness I missed out on that era). When I asked Dita Von Teese, she gave a visible jolt of horror before replying, “I’d like to believe we all go up to heaven and play dress-up all day, but I think that life on earth is…pretty much it.’

I remember that Alexander McQueen, also at the party, was much more at home with the question. His face lit up and he said, “I’ll go to purgatory. And then I’ll probably go up.”

The red head next to me was Dita’s best friend, Catherine D’lish, who taught Dita all about dirty dancing when they used to work together at a strip club in California. You can see she knows how to have a good time. Dita married Marilyn Manson the following year, but I wasn’t hopeful for the longevity of the union when I observed him one night watch Dita perform her elaborate burlesque act on a merry-go-round pony with the expression of someone watching paint dry.


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