Crazy Ladies

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I’m feeling very Georgia O’Keefe here in the Joshua Tree desert all alone while Olivia, Aldous Huxley’s niece, has gone off for a few days.

Here’s the view from my desk:

birdnest lunch

Actually, I’m not that Georgia O’Keefe. She almost certainly never spent the day writing a story for the Sunday Times about being a guinea pig on female “Viagra,” as I am doing today. I’ll let you know when it comes out. I can’t talk yet about the effects it’s had on me.

It’s weird to be on medication as it’s trippy enough being in the desert as it is. I’m actually staying in what looks like a shipping container. A heavy metal oblong with an interior like Charles Ingles’ home in Little House On The Prairie. It’s boiling hot in the day and cold at night and Olivia says there’s some kind of “creature” caught down the plughole of the sink which is what is responsible for the musky smell. She tells me not to worry and has provided quantities of vinegar and baking soda to chuck down at regular intervals.


By the way, I forgot to say that Olivia’s blood relation is actually with Huxley’s first wife, Maria, who was a lesbian. According to Huxley In Hollywood by David King Dunaway, Maria used to procure women for her husband. Olivia loved Maria when she went to visit her uncle and aunt in their desert home in Antelope Valley. “She was very mysterious,” she told me. “She’d whisper to me things like, “I am a witch.”

And there we go, la boucle est bouclée, as the French say. Back to the crazy ladies living in the desert…

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