Betty-Dodson-009Betty Dodson: 87-year-old rock and roll feminist who recently re-launched her 1970s masturbation master classes in New York. Dodson is the author of the world’s only bestseller about masturbation: Sex For One.

joycelyn-eJoycelyn Elders: 83-year-old African American former Surgeon General who grew up picking cotton in Arkansas. Fired by President Clinton in 1994 for suggesting that masturbation should be talked about in American schools.


Susie Bright: author, journalist and sex-positive feminist who became every lesbian’s favourite “sexpert” of the 1980s. She co-founded On Our Backs, the first women-produced sex magazine in 1984.

annAnnie Sprinkle: former porn star and sex worker turned eco-sexual performance artist. In 1990, she was denounced in the US Senate by Jesse Helms for her government-subsidised show where she re-enacts an “ancient masturbation ritual.”

richard-dRichard Dupont. part of the 1970s Andy Warhol entourage in New York. Warhol famously said, “Sex is the biggest nothing of all time,” but Richard reveals what happened on Saturday mornings in The Factory.

grace-rGrace Robbins: wife of one of the best-selling American fiction writers of all time, Harold Robbins. Robbins reigned in the 1970s with yarns about sex, power and money. Now residing in Palm Springs, Grace talks about the behind-the-scenes realities of those debauched days.

nadine-gNadine Gary: french head of the Las Vegas chapter of the Raëlians, an organisation which promotes the worship of the “Sky People” who believe we should be having more pleasure.

nicole-dNicole Daedone: head of multi-million dollar company based in California specialising in Orgasmic Meditation which equates the clitoris with the third eye.

whitney-wWhitney Wolfe: (right) 26-year-old former VP of Marketing for the sexual dating app sensation, Tinder. In her new app, Bumble, women have to make the first move.

rousseau-jjJean-Jacques Rousseau: 18th century Swiss philosopher famous for his autobiography, Confessions, the world’s first celebrity memoir.  He railed against the “dangerous supplement” of masturbation, initiating a crusade against the habit.  In reality, he was a masturbation fiend, admitting to unstoppable thoughts, “at once tormenting and delicious.”

“There are eleven women stark naked in a room in a New York apartment. Ten of us are lying with our legs spread, a metal dildo in our vagina, a purring vibrator on our clitoris and our left hands stroking our breasts which glisten with almond oil. ‘Your left hand is your lover,’ the naked 87-year old lady barks as she patrols the room with her own massive vibrator that sounds like a cement mixer and resembles an old fashioned kitchen device.”

excerpt from SEX DRIVE
Stephanie Theobald and Jocelyn Elders

Stephanie Theobald and Joycelyn Elders, taken in Arkansas on January 12, 2015