adventure bread

Adventure Bread!

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adventure bread

Do you remember Alistair Cook’s 1970s BBC Radio 4 show, Letter From America? He’d talk in his very English voice about The Kennedy assassination and Fall in New England and the funny old man at the corner store with his views US gun laws. I liked to listen to Alistair Cook when I was a kid because America was my other country- the land of bubble gum and prairies and crazy cowgirls. But the trouble with Alistair Cook was that he never talked about vulvas or hippie chicks worshiping trees or why you should masturbate or spiritually die. He didn’t talk much about women in general, actually. So that’s what I plan to do here, on my new website that I’ve drummed up specifically to sell Sex Drive the new memoir I’ve just finished. I’m in the States for a few months and I want to try and convey to you why America is still the promised land when it comes to talking about pleasure for women and great sex without shame attached. Sure, this is the country of the death penalty and Donald Trump, but it’s also the country of the most avant garde sex-positive thinkers in the world.

Think of a sandwich. In the middle is the gooey jam but on the bread bits that hold it all in – the coasts of NYC and LA- there’s the best bread you ever tasted in the world. Let’s call it Adventure Bread. In the next few months, I’m going to give you a taste of that very sumptuous and surprise- packed sandwich. The Adventure Bread pic was taken in The Mill in San Francisco last week where I was interviewing my new sex-positive spring chickens Lydia and Rob who have set up the amazing vulvarama Damn, just when I thought I knew it all…

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