In May 2014 I attended a masturbation workshop in New York thrown by 87-year-old pot smoking feminist legend, Betty Dodson. I hadn’t been inspired since my last novel, A Partial Indulgence, came out in 2010 but Betty’s workshop functioned like rocket fuel. Her central message, that solo sex is the foundation of every woman’s sexuality, set me off on a road trip around America in search of the ultimate top-of-the-rock orgasm. As I drove, I indulged in nightly solo-sex “homework” using inspiration from that day’s events mixed with a new-found love for 18th century pornography. Yet as solo sex started to bring me back to life, it spilled over into a desire for sex for two. And more. By the time I reached San Francisco, what started out as a trip down the Yellow Brick Road was unraveling into something much more unexpected.

Sex Drive merges sexuality and spirituality, 18th century porn and enlightenment philosophy. Edgy, honest and energetic, Sex Drive reveals what happens when a woman takes time out to listen to her body.

“When I locate the sex room, I realise I’ve never seen so much live human sex going on in my life. It’s mesmerising. Both sexy and funny. But then a woman kills it by tapping me on the shoulder and announcing that, ‘unaccompanied lingering’ is not allowed. This surprises me. I thought I was cruising.”excerpt from SEX DRIVE

“Mainly, I wondered, Is sex important? Is it really bad for you if you don’t have it regularly?  My friend in Cannes hardly ever has sex with the father of her three children. ‘Sometimes it just strikes me as so absurd – all that rumpy pumpy bestial jerking when you could be painting a picture or something.’ She seems to have sublimated her urges with vegetables. She’s always sending me emails about the amazing produce (‘baby broad beans, tiny artichokes and Perroquet tulips’) that she’s bought from the local market.”

excerpt from SEX DRIVE