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Good morning orgasm and solo sex fans,

I realised, I’ve not been keeping you up with exciting events around Sex Drive so here’s the catch-up. Today we have a big story in the Daily Beast: “My Road Trip in Search Of America’s Best Orgasm.” ( Sorry about the cut-and-paste, I haven’t worked out how to embed a link yet….

There are also a couple of dates for the LA diary. On Wednesday, February 13 I give a talk at something called “Fred Talks” in an evening in Santa Monica entitled  “Love and Sex”. Here’s the link: But my biggie is on February 28 at the world famous book store: BOOK SOUP

The bar is high- Ozzy Osbourne has been one of its biggest draws to date, Warhol, Bowie and Dennis Hopper have all done book signings here and Bette Middler is known to drop in on a regular basis- but I’m confident that my event at Book Soup on February 28 will not disappoint.

Known as the big cultural hub of West Hollywood, Book Soup, founded in 1975 on Sunset Boulevard is just down the road from a lot of the sleaziest sex shops in town so we’ll be redressing that balance by talking about modern female desire and 18th century erogenous zones (clue: virginal pudendas and peachy breasts were the hotspots of seventeenth-century porn but by the late eighteenth century, thanks to a massive craze for flagellation fiction guess where the top areas were…).

Drop by with a friend and win a clitoris

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